PB Eats… Oi Hanoi

I’m now going to tell you about my go to meal in London.  This could possibly be the nicest dish I eat..and I plan to continue to do so for a long time.   Oi Hanoi is a couple of minutes walk away from Aldgate East station, run by a wonderful Australian, Dave.  I remember my first visit, looking at the menu, and seeing a good amount of veggie and vegan options.  Vegan Pho! Vegan Summer Rolls! Vegan Curry! Love Asian food from all over – and it is usually dairy free!!

I had the vegan curry, and that is when the love affair developed with the dish.  It is the dish I always come back to.  It is shockingly reasonable, and what you get is excellent amazing quality and value for money.  Order at the counter, choose your seat and wait in anticipation.

 Oi Hanoi serves free tea with meals, although there is an option to buy some cool drinks too – almost all the Fentimans range and aloe drinks. But when I went last week, as usual, i always stick to the tea.  It’s about the food baby!

I decided to stick to the usual, having not had it for a few weeks, ordered the Ca Ri or the Oi Hanoi Curry – Chay, with organic tofu and veggies.  And as usual, I asked for it with rice and to be extra saucy, oo er..

A massive hill of brown rice, beautiful brown curry, subtle with spice but with a serious depth of flavour.  Green beans, big chunks of mushrooms, elastic, soft tofu and tender potatoes.  The curry comes with a large wedge of lemon and a handful of herbs – holy basil and mint. This time, a few vegan spring rolls were strewn across the top.  Here’s a close up:
 Each mouthful was different – textures, flavours, taste – but consistently delicious down to the last mouthful.   So so recommend this place.  I took 3 omnivores with me this time and for some reason, they also ordered this curry, and they thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is definitely worth a visit!

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